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Big data contribute to intelligent manufacturing technology of steel to achieve a breakthrough at Northeastern University

Written by:WangYuhui    Edited by:   WangYuhui  Resource:NortheasternUniversity    Update:  2018-04-12  

The iron and steel industry is a typical process industry, producing massive data every moment. These data are valuable for the accurate prediction and stability control of steel product property and quality. Currently, domestic and foreign researchers are exploring how to use these industrial data to control product quality.

The characteristic of the steel production is process-oriented and mass-produced. There is a big problem in how can accurately meet customers' personal demand. Professor Liu Zhenyu, a researcher in the State Key Laboratory of Rolling Technology and Automation of Rolling Automation at Northeastern University, has cooperated with Meishan steel and Ansteel for many years. His team have accumulated a lot of practical experience in the application of microstructure and property prediction technology. In recent years, their research focuses on the technology of big data processing in modeling microstructure and mechanical property of hot rolled strips. They have developed intelligent manufacturing technology of steel based on the prediction and optimization of microstructure and property of hot rolled strips, effectively solving the contradiction of scale production of iron and steel enterprises and the personal demand of consumers.

The results of Prof. Liu Zhenyu and his team have been successfully applied in the Meishan 1422 and 1780 hot rolling production lines and the Ansteel 2150 hot rolling production line. They standardized the chemical composition and specification of the steel billets during the steelmaking and continuous casting process. Aiming at the customer's personal demand, combining the microstructure and property prediction model with the multi-objective optimization algorithm, they designed the optimal hot rolling process for hot rolled strips, achieving the goal of “one steel with multiple capabilities”.